Whisky Collection Tobermory 9 Scotch Whisky 750ml


A limited collection of the rarest Single Cask and Single Grain Malt Whiskies. We tirelessly search from the Highlands to the Lowlands, in every corner of Scotland to bring you some of the most revered distilleries finest spirits.

Whisky Collection Tobermory 9 Scotch Whisky 750ml

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About The Whisky: This is the first new release from Tobermory since their two year hiatus. Released at the distillery in 2019 it took a while to get hear (thank you covid). Tobermory 12-Year-Old is straight up, simple and beautiful. Un-peated and aged in bourbon cask it is sweet and gentle but still has plenty of lovely malty flavors. It is a true expression its Hebridean home and Tobermory 12 has a colorful palette of vibrant fruit and spice with a subtle saltiness reflective of the neighboring harbor waters.

Tasting Notes: from Cask Cartel
Nose: Pear, peach and apple, with a dusting of brown sugar. Greek yogurt, barley and a hint of cinnamon pastries.

Palate: Rounded malt notes once again, now a touch oily. Still packs a hearty helping of stone fruit sweetness.

Finish: A flash of orange peel, soft sawdust, toffee and dates.

Age 9 years
Alcohol type Whiskey
Brand Whisky Collection
Proof 131 Proof
Region Scotland

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