Tequila Clase Azul Ultra 750ml


Tequila Clase Azul Ultra 750ml

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Clase Azul Ultra-Extra Anejo is one of the world’s most-exclusive Tequila. Limited to just 100 bottles per year, this is aged for at least three years in charred sherry-oak casks. Presented in a traditional Talavera-style decanter decorated with platinum, silver and 24-carat-gold, this complex Tequila is rich with notes of honey, vanilla and spice.

Extra Añejo Tequila; produced in limited quantities highly sought by collectors. Decanter decorated with pure platinum, .925 Silver agave medallion & 24k gold label.

Tequila Clase Azul Ultra

It’s in the name – Clase Azul ULTRA is the extra añejo that represents our brand. Made in limited amounts, it has quickly become highly sought after by fans and collectors alike. Decorated with 24k gold, sterling silver and pure platinum.

This premium Extra Añejo is sherry-cask aged for 5 years sourced from Spain, which makes it one of the most unique tequilas you will ever try!

Tequila Clase Azul Ultra Tasting Notes

COLOR | Dark amber
BODY | Silky, rich and full
AROMA | Wood, fruit, intense sherry notes with hints of caramel and vanilla
TASTE | Smooth, flavorful, elegant with hints of sweet and oak.

Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 19 in
Brand Clase Azul

Alcohol Type Tequila

Class Extra Anejo

Age 5 Years

Region Mexico

Proof 80 Proof

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