Teitessa 15 Year Japanese Whiskey 750ml


Teitessa 15 Year Japanese Whiskey 750ml

Teitessa 15 Year Japanese Whiskey 750ml

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About Teitessa 15 Year Old Grain Japanese Whisky

Iconic Spirits was launched by co-founders Taichi Seki and Julious Grant. Seki is the CEO with plenty of experience working for Asahi Beer with a background in economics, law,

and martial arts, having spent 10 years as a professional kickboxer and MMA fighter.

Grant is a veteran in building brands in the wine and spirits industry for the global market, having worked at Beam Suntory, Bacardi, and Moet-Hennessy, among others.

Iconic Spirits focuses on bringing high-quality Japanese spirits that are crafted and bottled in the Land of the Rising Sun to the global market.

The Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery found its current home in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan at the foot of the

Mt. Fuji volcano in 1831.

Founded by Shokichi Yamanaka and his Brew Master,

The pristine spring water attracts many other brewers and serves as a crucial ingredient for their whisky production as well.
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About Japanese Whisky

Although maybe not be the first Spirit you would think of when Japan is mentioned;

the Japanese make one of the best types of whisky in the world. It’s heavily influenced by scotch but with smoother and delicate notes.


The history of the Japanese whisky is not even a century old, but in this short time, the Japanese blended and single malts have taken over the world by storm and can easily go against their whisk(e)y counterparts from across the globe.

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in.
Brand Teitessa
Region Japan
Alcohol type Whiskey
Proof 74 Proof
Age 15 Years

Buy Teitessa Japanese Whiskey Online


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