Rey Sol Extra Anejo Tequila


Rey Sol Extra Anejo Tequila

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Casa San Matías own agave is grown and harvested in the red soil fields of the Highlands of Jalisco which are rich in iron and other minerals. Our agaves are nurtured in ideal conditions so that they reach a superior flavor.

Patiently, we wait 7 to 10 years for the agave to ripen to perfection. Then the agave farmer, or jimador, harvests it from its root, sifting the soil away and pulling the leaves off to reach the piña or heart of the agave.

From the distillery who produced the world’s first Extra Añejo, and boasts the first female owner and operator, comes Rey Sol Extra Añejo.

Rich with caramel, vanilla and the pure brown spice that cooked agave should be, this Extra Añejo is one of the best we’ve tasted.

With additional notes of dried fruit, butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate on the nose, its full body brings out additional flavors of dark plum and cherry. The finish is butterscotch and a hint of dark chocolate balanced with mild of heat.

It shows balance and restraint on the oak and sweetness, letting the tequila itself shine. Rey Sol also ships in the crystal decanter and case designed by famed Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamante, a superior value for the price.

A must have for Extra Añejo lovers

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After distillation we bring the tequila into our Hacienda, where it will age into the finest White American and French oak barrels.

Rey Sol Extra Anejo Tequila Tasting Notes

It has an intense amber bright color with orange intense copper highlights.

The aroma is of oak, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, roasted almonds, and dried fruit.

The first taste is sweet with dominant oak notes. Then, it leaves a long lasting flavor of chocolate and almond.

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in
Brand Rey Sol

Alcohol type Tequila

Region Mexico

Proof 80 Proof

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