Petals Collection Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml


Petals Collection Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml

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The Petals Collection Tequila is literally 100% handmade. Every bottle is individually made and hand painted by locals. Made from the agave grown in Amatitan, Mexico. Aged for 4 years in newly charred French oak barrels, and hand-selected by Joel Richard, for their very special collection. This is a very expensive process that produces a super-premium tequila.

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Proof: 82 (41% ABV)

Origin: Mexico

Distillery: Undisclosed

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

Brand Petals

Region Mexico

Class Extra Anejo Tequila

Alcohol type Tequila

Proof 82 Proof

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