Maria Gaetana Agnesi 1799 Small Batch Brandy


Agnesi 1799 is as fine as any Old World sipping brandy, yet comes with no pretense that it’s above being mixed into your favorite cocktails. We only suggest that you allow her to shine, as she did while defending her theses of philosophy, mathematics, and women’s rights

Maria Gaetana Agnesi 1799 Small Batch Brandy

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Maria Gaetana Agnesi was a brilliant 18th century mathematician, philosopher, and theologian. She was a known prodigy and fluent in seven languages by her eleventh birthday. The first woman to write a mathematics handbook, she was also the first female mathematics professor at a university. Her work Instituzioni analitiche discussed a curve that has since been known as The Witch of Agnesi in her honor. Often a substitute for the bell curve, the Witch of Agnesi finds its place in all aspects of life, including the fermentation and fractional distillation of Maria Agnesi’s namesake brandy.

Agnesi 1799 is a five year old small batch American brandy proofed with pure Napa Valley spring water from the Coppola’s family estate in Rutherford. Our brandy has been crafted by working with some of the original and most celebrated American brandy distillers. Agnesi 1799 brings together the Coppola family’s winemaking heritage and love of cocktails.

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The grape based brandies for Agnesi 1799 are sought, sourced, and blended by The Family Coppola and our winery’s master blender from barrel stocks in California’s finest brandy distilleries.

Our initial brandy release is a blend of 2012 Dolcetto grapes from Russian River Valley and 2009 French Colombard grapes from the Central Valley. Agnesi 1799 is a true taste of California soil, ambient yeast, naturally filtered water, and warm climate of the Golden State. Through careful selection of barrels and delicate blending of water and spirit, our brandy assumes the best qualities of the artisanally-crafted individual spirits. By sourcing brandy made in different types of stills, both Old World Alembic Charentais stills and modern column stills, and from various local grapes, we are able to craft a proprietary blend that we believe is greater than the sum of its parts

Maria Gaetana Agnesi 1799 Small Batch Brandy Tasting Notes


Layered cinnamon in front, small amount of tobacco. Hints of vanilla and almonds give it a well-rounded profile of oak characters.


Overall high complexity. Baking spices on entry. Small hints of clove. Toasted bread in mid pallet. Pleasant mouth coating, some sweetness in the mid-palate, and a silky smooth finish. Very clean overall, with some honey.

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in
Brand Coppola
Alcohol type Brandy
Region America
Proof 80 Proof

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