Joel Richard Esencia 25 Yr Colombian Rum


Joel Richard Esencia 25 Yr Colombian Rum

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The Joel Richard Escencia is 100% pure Colombian rum, aged in used American oak bourbon barrels for 25 years. Fermented from pressed sugar cane juice for a distinctive style. Once the fermentation is complete 70% has been distilled in a continuous column and 30% in an alembic pot. This combination is a great balance between complexity and smoothness.

As the rum enters, the heat and spice is proportional to the astringency noted upon nosing. The initial flavor component is a bitter, dusty wood note that has a coating effect. Now I feel as though I’m tasting a rum of advanced age. The spices are suggestive of cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper, but they are attenuated by a prominent caramel flavor. The Sherry and hazelnut is back now, as is a bit of prune, raisin, and dried apricot. On subsequent sips, the suggestion of citrus peel becomes more apparent. The finish is long and bitter, dominated by the dusty hazelnut, citrus peel, and cinnamon.

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After sitting with this rum for a while, I can’t help but wonder what I’ve been drinking. Could it be a 25-Year Solera that’s been mistakenly labeled as a hard 25? I can’t say for sure. Whatever its age, one thing is for certain: this rum is quite pricey at ~$70 retail, and it’s simply not worth that much money.

On to the scores:

  • Appearance .75/1
  • Aroma 1.25/2
  • Mouth feel .75/1
  • Taste 2.75/4
  • Aftertaste 1.25/2
  • Total 6.75/10

Joel Richard Esencia 25 Yr Colombian Rum

Appearance – deep, dark golden brown color

Aroma – oak, dark chocolate, cream, dry seeds, walnut and Christmas cake

Palate – smooth, sweet and smoky note, round and full bodied

Finish – soft burn with citrus, spices and sweet oak

Brand Joel Richard

Alcohol type Rum

Region Colombia

Proof 80 Proof

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