Hanzell Estate Pinot Noir 750ml


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Hanzell Estate Pinot Noir 750ml

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Certified Organic

Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. Certified in the country of origin.

Tasting Notes

Blackberry, strawberry compote, and blueberry pie give this wine a very prominent fruit character, but there is the darkness of tea leaf and earthy forest. Clove and cardamom are warm spice notes that give the impression of sweetness to balance the firm presence of ripe tannins.

Pinot Noir

The Burgundy region of northeastern France is the historic home of the Pinot Noir grape, and is the source of the world’s greatest examples. Here one finds renditions of Pinot Noir that deliver power with finesse and grace, wines that have unimaginable depth of flavor, yet are perfectly balanced and ephemeral in the mouth – in short, wines that deliver all that Pinot Noir has to offer. Terroir, the concept that wines from a specific region have unique and identifiable traits, is intricately woven into the breakdown of vineyards in Burgundy. In the the famed Côte de Nuits, for example, the soils tend to be sandy and limestone-based, with a bit of chalk and clay mixed in, which provides excellent drainage. Thus, the wines from this region tend to be more elegant and lighter-bodied. Though it’s a notoriously temperamental grape, Pinot Noir can thrive all over the world – not just in Burgundy. California and Oregon in particular have been producing stunning examples for decades, and the best of them are as ethereal and ageworthy as the finest red Burgundies.
Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in.
Brand Hanzell Estate.
Wine region California
Wine country United States
Grapes Pinot Noir
Appellation Sonoma Coast
Size 750ml

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