Grey Goose Vodka 3Ltr Jeroboam


Grey Goose is premium French vodka made from the finest winter wheat and purest water. It is smooth and gentle with hints of almond and fresh citrus.

Grey Goose Vodka 3Ltr Jeroboam

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Grey Goose was designed by Sidney Frank, self-made billionaire and the man behind the success of Jagermeister. He took the idea that French manufacturing was highly regarded for its quality, so he sent out a team to France to create Grey Goose vodka.

Distilled and bottled in France, Grey Goose is made in the Picardy region just outside Paris. It is distilled in a column and then blended with the purest water that has been naturally filtered through Grande Champagne limestone in the Gensac springs. A well draws water from an aquifer 500 feet beneath the ground, ensuring it has been untouched by human hands and pollution.

Made with all-natural ingredients, carefully crafted with GREY GOOSE® Vodka, these botanically-infused spirits have unique and vibrant flavours. Available in three flavours: Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil, and White Peach & Rosemary; you’ll be savoring every sip. To receive exclusive events, offers, recipes and more sign up for more information.

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Delicate & Floral


Sweet & Round


Bold & Toffee

These fine ingredients are nurtured, isolated and captured from field-to-bottle in an exclusive process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of our Maitre de Chai (Cellar Master), who uses a proprietary five-step distillation process to transform fine French wheat and pure artesian spring water into the World’s Best Tasting Vodka. Grey Goose Vodka presents clean, fresh, and elegant floral aromas. The taste is initially soft with a gentle sweetness, light citrus, smooth rounded texture and a hint of almond. The finish is long, bright, and satisfying. The perfect cocktail begins with the extraordinary character of Grey Goose. Whether enjoyed by itself or mixed with fresh ingredients, it is the ideal gift to elevate any holiday gathering. Enjoy!

More Information
Size 3Ltr
Strength (ABV) 40%
Brand Grey Goose
Presentation GLASS BOTTLE
Country France
Vodka Type Pure
Limited Edition No
Organic No
Gluten Free No


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