Glenmorangie A Tale Of The Forest Scotch


Glenmorangie A Tale Of The Forest Scotch

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A Tale of the Forest is a limited edition whisky from The Glenmorangie Company, derived from a single expression of one of our Original Malts.

Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest combines the classic aromas of rich pinewood, wild mushrooms and rugged heather with the fascinating story of human kind’s first major encounter with our ancient forestlands.

The Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest Scotch Whisky is an exquisite limited edition blended malt. Containing a selection of rare French and American oak casks, each unique to the other, it comprises whisky matured in the same forest.

Forest-like depth of taste and aroma, commencing with a bouquet of pine, juniper and coriander, along with roasted chestnut and an intriguing whisper of smoke.

Flavour explodes in the mouth. Whirls of peppermint. Bursts of eucalyptus. Rustles of bitter orange. All floating on clouds of vanilla with intriguing hints of black liquorice.

It concludes with a slow and luscious finish featuring lemon, orange and a soft hint of oak.

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