Fundador Supremo 12 Brandy 1L


Brandy Solera Gran Reserva is obtained from wines specially selected for distillation. Aged in Sherry Casks previously seasoned with 12-year-old Pedro Ximénez.

Fundador Supremo 12 Brandy 1L

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Their origin dates back to 1730 and, from their conception, they have been closely linked to the surname Domecq. In spite of its French origin, this lineage will always be rooted in this land, as well as the history of its wines and brandies.

Possibly the most historically important member of the Domecq family is Pedro Domecq Loustau, who will be remembered in time immemorial for being the creator of Fundador, the first Spanish brandy.

The first Spanish brandy, Fundador, was born in our barrels in the 19th century and we continue to produce the time-tested brew to this day. Our brandy, fermented in American Oak barrels and seasoned with sherry wines are unmistakable, which makes Fundador and Terry, Biggest selling brandies. Both become an integral part of our identity, and vitivinicultural tradition.

Fundador Supremo 18 Years has been named best Brandy of the World 2019 at the IWSC Awards. The best tasters and experts in the world have given us the highest award of the competition among the more than 100 brandies presented.

Tasting Notes

Amber topaz with a gold rim. Bright and very luminous.
Very complex, spicy, with notes of dried fruits, vanilla sweets, honey, toffee and aromas of hardwood.
Smooth and velvety, with a certain unctuousness, quality and round, with notes of dark chocolate.

Alcohol type Brandy
Brand Fundador
Proof 80 Proof
Region Spain

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