Foursquare 2004 Cask Strength Rum


Foursquare 2004 Cask Strength Rum

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Foursquare 2004 Fine Barbados Single Blended RumĀ is a perfect balance between sweet and savory. Despite this single blended rum being sugarless, a glass of it contains sweet aroma of baked sugar and fresh crashed cane for consumers who care about what they take. Additionally, it is fine distilled to ensure a unique earthly taste that ties the savory and sweet notes together perfectly. Ultimately, it is poised to be the savior that the liquor family so desperately need.

A single blended rum, consisting of both artisanal pot and traditional twin column Coffey distilled molasses rums. 2009 has been aged for 12-years, entirely in Ex-Bourbon casks, bottled at 60% ABV – 120 Proof. No color, no sugar, no additives, no filtration. Initial Impressions: 2009 is bright and fruit forward, while still showing great depth and complexity from aging entirely under a tropical climate. It showcases significant red fruits – both dried and fresh – brown butter, baking spices, and nuttiness indicative of long aging.

The mouthfeel is complex and lingering, with nice oaky tannins throughout. Aroma: Cranberries, Red cherries, and black currants – evolving into mango, ceylon cinnamon, and allspice. Layers of cocoa, vanilla pods, toasted coconut and caramel candies with a hint of green chili pepper. Palate: Bright, fresh with a subtle baking spice finish – cinnamon, clove and allspice. Notes of citrus zest, ripe and overripe fruits, nice lingering sweetness reminiscent of caramel candies and finishes clean and dry with a hint of vanilla.

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