Crystal Head Vodka


Crystal Head Vodka 1.75L

Crystal Head Vodka

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An eye-catching skull-shaped bottle for comedy legend Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head vodka. The bottle is made by Bruni Glass in Italy, and the kosher-certified vodka is made with pure Newfoundland water and filtered through 500-million year-old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

Dimensions 6.5 × 7.5 × 16 in
Brand Crystal Head Aurora
Alcohol type Vodka
Proof 80 Proof
Region Canada

Appearance: Clear. Nose: Hint of sweetness. Taste Profile: Silky. Finish: Smooth. Crystal Head Vodka is the world’s first crystal filtered vodka. It is one of the world’s purest vodkas, with no additives or flavouring.

Buy Crystal Head Vodka Online


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