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Ten years after the creation of the brand, Crystal head Vodka has already convinced a large number of fans all over the world. To celebrate the success of their brilliant partnership, Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander have launched a limited edition that you should quickly fall in love with. Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Artist Series is a true masterpiece to admire, touch, and to drink, of course.

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The success of Crystal Head Vodka is due to two factors. On the one hand, the vodka made by former actor Dan Aykroyd is a pure treasure. On the other hand, the skull-shaped bottle masterfully designed by artist John Alexander is a must-have for your bar shelf.


The Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Artist Series goes one step further with the design of the bottle. You will of course find the famous skull, this time dressed up as the painting “Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life” created by John Alexander in 1988 that you can discover at the Dallas Museum of Art, in the United States.


Dan Aykroyd was born in Canada and honours his country with Crystal head Vodka. Known for its incredible purity, this vodka is based on high quality “Peaches and Cream” corn and has been distilled four times. The distillate is then filtered four times through carbon filters and three more times through Herkimer diamonds.

Don’t wait any longer to order this delicious, high-quality vodka in an exclusive bottle that will blow your mind!

Crystal Head Vodka is proud to present our first, limited-edition, hand-decorated, John Alexander artist series bottle.

Born in Beaumont, Texas and currently living in New York, Mr. Alexander’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and collected by museums worldwide for over 50 years.

This evocative design, celebrated on this unique canvas is inspired by Mr. Alexander’s environmentally conscious landscapes and satirical figurative works. To complement, this piece of art., the spirit within is our original, award-winning, Herkimer diamond filtered vodka.

To see Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life in its entirety and to learn more about John Alexander, please visit

For more information on Crystal Head Vodka and this artist series collaboration, please visit

Brand Crystal Head
Type of vodka Pure vodka
Flavour cereal, corn
Made from Corn
bar code 627040411407
ABV 40% Vol.
Weight 2 kg
Country of origin Canada
Manufacturer or importer Sélection Prestige GmbH, Pariser Str. 3, 10719 Berlin, Germany

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