Ciroc Black Raspberry 750ml


Ciroc Black Raspberry Limited Edition Vodka

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France- Vodka that has been five times distilled from fine french grapes, finshed in a copper pot. Has a stong flavor of juicy black rasberry with hints of tropical fruit and citrus zest.

BRAND    Ciroc
COUNTRY    France
SPIRITS STYLE    Flavored Vodka, Raspberry
ABV    35%
SKU    213026010-1

From Fine French Grapes Ciroc Limited Edition Black Raspberry Vodka 5 x Distilled product of France is here. Buy this limited edition bottle now and enjoyA

Bring a touch of luxury to the holidays with the ultra premium, decadent taste of CIROC Limited Edition Black Raspberry. Our rich tasting,

award-winning spirit is made with vodka distilled five times from fine French grapes and finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France.

 With notes of red berries, balanced sweetness and a touch of citrus zest, our velvety blend will be the buzz at any party this holiday season.

Simply mix with lemon juice, simple syrup and mint leaves and garnish with blackberries for a signature Black Smash cocktail. Includes one 70 proof, 750 mL bottle of CIROC Limited Edition Black Raspberry. Please drink responsibly.

Buy Ciroc Black Raspberry Online


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