Cadenheads 28 Yr Enmore Rum 750ml


Cadenheads 28 Yr Enmore Rum 750ml

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Cadenhead’s Enmore Distillery MEV 28 Year Old Rum is a 56.2%
Gold Rum from Guyana. It is packaged in a 750ml bottle. Another
fine Gold Rum from Cadenhead’s


Cadenhead’s Cask Strength Rum range contains single cask releases bottled in Campeltown at natural cask strength. This category contains dated distillation rums and the name of the distillery will be displayed on the label. It contains no added sugar, and just like our whiskies, we are proud to say that, we do not add artificial coloring or use chill filtration.

Aroma – butterscotch, lemon zest, green peppers, popping candy and bruised bananas

Palate – soft oaky notes give way to rich treacle and raspberries, blueberries and pecans

Finish – oily, with soft spice and growing fruitiness, kiwi and passion fruit

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

Brand Cadenhead’s

Region United Kingdom

Alcohol type Whiskey

Proof 112.4 Proof

Age 28 Year

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