Balcones Texas Rum Special Release 750ml


Balcones Texas Rum Special Release 750ml

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This is a rum to excite both the rum purist and the committed whisky drinker.

Tasting Notes

Rock candy, pancake syrup, tanned leather, violets, burnt marshmallow, under ripe cantaloupe, saltwater taffy, prune, menthol, hoisin, roasted nuts

Lush and coating with cacao nibs, hazelnut syrup, char, tart cherry skins, burnt toast, caramel

Medium finish with layers of raw sugar, fruit skins, candied beets, char, tawny port reduction and abundant tannins

Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

Brand Balcones

Alcohol type Rum

Region America

Proof 124 Proof

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