Absolut Lime 1.75L


Absolut Lime 1.75L

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Each sip of Absolut Lime bursts with a tangy citrus kick of lime flavor that comes from its all-natural ingredients and no added sugars. This versatile Absolut vodka offers up the vibrant taste of fresh limes with a slightly sweet finish. Appreciate the bold flavor of Absolut Lime by sipping it on the rocks or including it as an ingredient in your favorite poolside drinks such as the classic vodka tonic with a wedge of lime, a Twisted Mule, or a simple Lime Martini. Enjoy the difference that the continuous distillation method pioneered by Lars Olsson Smith makes, as every batch of Absolut vodka is distilled until it achieves the consistently high quality and smooth body that you expect.

Buy Absolut Lime Online

Just like all Absolut vodkas, Absolut Lime is crafted in Ahus, Sweden, using locally sourced winter wheat and deep well water for an uncompromising drink experience. Hang by the pool or relax on the beach with the refreshing and crisp taste of Absolut Lime.

Buy Absolut Lime Online

Following the success of the primary citrus flavour in the Vodka range, Absolut Citron finally has a younger citrus sibling.

As Lime is a brilliant addition to many drinks, (as an ingredient and a garnish), its should be no surprise that 30 years after the launch of citron Absolut created their Lime version.

Made exclusively with natural ingredients, and no added sugar, this is a smooth drink with a refreshingly crisp lime character.

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Perfect Serve

Delicious sipped neat on its own over ice, straight out of the freezer. However, this is really versatile, and adds a distinct and refreshing lime flavour to a vodka tonic.

For something a little more special, try a Lime Mule. Take a mule mug (or other suitable large glass), and fill with ice cubes. Add 45ml of Absolut Lime and 15ml of fresh lime juice. Top up with Fentimans ginger beer, and garnish with two fresh lime wedges.

Size: 750 ml
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Distributed by: IW

Buy Absolut Lime Online


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